monthly fee payment
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Filling out the application form to become a Speed Dates Club member is free. Once you are
accepted you should pay a monthly fee BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF EACH MONTH to be able to go
to the events and activities of
Speed Dates Club and the ClubEX.

The following are the rates:
One month
$100 pesos

One trimester
$285 pesos
(You'll get 5% off)

One semester
$540 pesos
(You'll get 10% off)

One year
$1,020 pesos
(You'll get 15% off)
Only the members who pay their monthly fee will have the right to participate at the Speed Dates Club
and the
ClubEX events and activities.

Each activity and event will have an additional fee that the member should pay in order to participate.

If your membership was suspended because you were late in your payment, you will need to add
$100 pesos more to your payment
If you are already a member and wish to make your monthly
payment or learn more about the payment options
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