Privacy Politics

All the information that you provide on your membership application is private and confidential, and it won’t be revealed to
people outside the Speed Dates Club staff without your authorization.

The information on your application will be used by Speed Dates Club for:

(a) Be analyzed and evaluated by our staff and see if your have the profile needed to become a Speed Dates Club member.
If you become one, then all your information will be a part of our data base and e-mail listing, and this way the members are
authorized to go to our events.

(b) Be contacted by our staff to send you invitations, confirmations and special promotional information related to our events
and services.

Speed Dates Club does not give your e-mail address to other companies or any other internet websites. Also, we have
strong politics related to e-mailing spam, or any other promotional e-mails to members who deactivated their membership,
temporary or permanent.

Our members can always put their memberships on hold for a period of time in case they are dating someone, or they are
leaving town for a long time, this way they can always keep their member number and can activate their account again any
time they want. In case a member wants to stop receiving information from Speed Dates Club in a permanent way, can send
an e-mail to: and ask us to delete the information on our data base and e-mailing list.
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