Welcome to Speed Dates Club, where we are changing the way to meet singles.

Speed Dates Club es a new brand... a new community... a new world... a new vision for the single life.

Speed Dates Club offers events at venues that are at the best areas of Mexico City and that make the life of it’s single
members more positive, and with the help of experiences that can make their self-esteem through the chance of be a part
of a club that has members with similar ideas, culture, tastes, education and way of thinking.

We know that human beings have the need of interacting. We are full of complex courting rituals and traditions. Even when
our society has change, our need to be social and connect with others hasn't. This is why Speed Dates Club was created.
We are the first speed dating company in Mexico City and we are creating all kinds of possibilities for singles to meet.

Speed Dates Club gives the opportunity to click with many people in a safe and fun environment. We know how complex is
to meet people in our modern society, so, we decided to give solutions to this problem. Our members have the possibility to
click with other members and from there they can have a friendship, someone to date or even have a serious relationship.

Today, we are excited with the idea to help singles meet. And we feel the same way with our vision to the future. We work
everyday to develop and sell our products and services, and also planning the creation of even more new things that can
fill the specific needs of our modern world.

That's great. That's Speed Dates Club, where we are changing the way to meet singles.

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