This application form has 2 parts:

1.- Personal information.
2.- Answering a test.

It will take you about
5 minutes to fill out this application form

All the information you give us should be real and in case you are accepted as a member, you should
take an ID (passport or IFE card) with you by the time you get to one of our events.

Our data base is private and confidential, so your information wont be reveal to anyone who doesn't
belong to the
Speed Dates Club staff without your authorization.
Part one: Personal information
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any other e-mail that identifies you through the
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Which area of Mexico City is best for you
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Which day of the week is more convenient
for you to go to an event?
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About you and what you like
This information helps us to put you in groups of people that has common interests with you, so please be
honest, this will give you more chance to click!
Where did you go to college? * :

Did you or are you studying graduate
school? Tell us what and where  :

What do you do for a living?
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Your main 3 values or principles? :

What do you consider is your mail
achievement in life?
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If you want to recommend us friends so we can send them an invitation to
become a member of
Speed Dates Club, write them down here.





Parte Dos: Contesta el test
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membership application form
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He and She live together. When He
goes to work, She goes to her lover
Pedro's house. To get there, She
walks through the woods, where
people says there is an
Right after, She crosses the river
where she sees the
Juan is very much in love with Her, but
he only sees Her through the window.

One day, She appears dead.

Tell us the order of who of the 6
characters you think murdered Her,
being number one who you think is
more guilty, and 6 who you think is less
In case you are accepted as a member, you will have to make
your first monthly payment of $100 pesos within the next 5 days
after you get the e-mail with your member number.
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