Terms of service

When you register at Speed Dates Club filling out and submitting the application to become a member, we understand that you
completely agree with the terms and conditions that are indicated here. Warranting that you have the right, authority and
capability to agree with all the stipulations.

Speed Dates Club has the right to admit you or not as a member. If your application is rejected we wont give you any specific
explanation about it. Also, Speed Dates Club has all the right to deactivate you as a member if someone from the staff detects
a bad or suspicious attitude, or detects that you lied at your application form to be admitted, also can deactivate you if there
are complains or bad comments about you from other members of the club.

Our staff can contact you via e-mail, phone call, in person or other, with different objectives, such as verifying that the facts
on your application form are true and right, all this information is confidential and wont be shared with other parties who are
not part of the Staff of Speed Dates Club and in case of finding information that is not true your membership will be canceled
or your application rejected.

When you fill out the application to become a member of Speed Dates Club, you will be asked to give us a phone number and
also your cell phone number. In case of something happens with an event an we need to cancel or reschedule it for any
reason out of our control, and if we can reach you in any of your numbers since your cell phone is off, or out of order, or out
of service or you don’t have a voice mail on, Speed Dates Club is not responsible that you don’t know about this.

The Speed Dates Club members should get on time to the events. There is a 10 minutes tolerance starting at the time that was
programmed and announced at the calendar at our website and the invitation or confirmation we e-mailed you. Once this time
is due, Speed Dates Club has the right to allow you or not the access to any member that gets there late and in case they do,
you will need to wait for the break to begin your speed dates, loosing at least half of your dates.

When you are in a Speed Dates Club event or ClubEX activity you should agree to follow the instructions from the staff during
the entire event, such as turning off cell phones, changing tables when you hear the bell and other procedures. Not doing it,
could cause your membership to deactivate and also you should consider that the Speed Dates Club staff will take all
necessary measures to make its members follow its rules.

Speed Dates Club reserves different venues for its events, and it doesn't have control over last minute circumstances that
can affect the procedures and logistics of the event.

Speed Dates Club can take pictures and/or record video during its events and could use this material for promotion of the
company, as well as it has the right to let in its events people from the media, such as radio, television, press, etc, and also
can provide this media with all kinds for photo or video material to support any advertise from the media.

Speed Dates Club offers the opportunity to meet other people and to exchange e-mail addresses and/or cell phone numbers
between the members of the club who clicked during a speed dating event, and be able to contact each other later on, as
well as it gives you the chance to exchange your contact information with other members of the club during the activities of
the ClubEX, how ever, it doest not have any responsibility for what happens after they contact each other, or with any other
personal information (or from third parties) the members exchange during or after an event. We do not warranty to the
members that just because they are participating at an event they will make click with one or more members.

Speed Dates Club or any of its members holds or will hold any responsibility over and not limited to a direct or indirect damage
caused by our services or by contacting other members, such as material, psychological (emotional) and/or physical damage,
this includes third parties.

The service that Speed Dates Club gives is about having between 10 and 20 – 7 minutes dates with at each event, but does
not warranty that all the people who confirmed will get to the event, this is why in case there are less than 5 dates, the
members will have the right to go to another event with a free entrance. This warranty can only be valid for the members
who stayed during the entire event and also participated in it. This does not apply for any of the activities organized by the
ClubEX, and valid only for events promoted and planned by the Speed Dates Club company.

None of this terms and conditions are negotiable.
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